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Continuous contact with the market and all major suppliers ensures Blizzard secures the best prices for its customers

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An industry-leading energy management platform provides unlimited energy reporting and secure data storage and management

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Carefully selected technology solutions aimed to control and reduce energy consumption on site by up to 20%


manWelcome to Blizzard Utilities, a leading UK energy broker providing procurement, management and energy saving technologies to UK businesses. We reduce total costs for our customers by combining low energy prices with smart buying  trategies and products guaranteed to reduce consumption at site. Our customers range in size from the smallest high street shop, to some of the largest energy users in the UK.

Save Money on your Energy with Blizzard

Since 2008 Blizzard has helped UK businesses save money by buying energy from the right supplier at the right time, providing tools to accurately track energy consumption and supplying energy-saving technologies to reduce energy consumption.

We currently buy and manage over £100m of annual gas and electricity expenditure on behalf of our clients which range from small single site businesses, to large energy consumers including international airports, NHS hospitals, manufacturers and multi-site operators in the hospitality and retail sectors.

Through continued contact with the energy markets and all major UK suppliers, Blizzard buys energy for our clients when market conditions are favourable to ensure the best prices.  This activity is often performed months in advance of contract end dates and takes into consideration current and future market conditions, resulting in savings of up to 40% for our clients.

“Energy has become a significant cost for all UK businesses as wholesale energy markets continue to rise, and the cost of moving to renewable energy sources is borne by the consumer.  Blizzard is helping our customers reduce and take more control over these costs”, Martin Rawlings, Executive Chairman.

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